All of our silver is “sterling” quality. This means that each piece is a minimum of 92.5% pure silver. The other 7.5% are other colourless metals, added to the silver to make it harder. Pure silver is comparatively soft and these other metals added, make silver more durable. No nickel is used in this process. 

Silver Jewellery will oxidise (tarnish) over time if it is not cleaned regularly or stored appropriately. We recommend cleaning your pieces with a silver polishing cloth, or for more intricate designs, a soft toothbrush and washing up liquid to keep them looking bright and lustrous. 

When storing your jewellery, keep your pieces separated to avoid scratching, and store them in airtight bags or containers which helps to limit the oxidisation process. Whilst all Otis Jaxon pieces come in our signature packaging, these are for gift-giving purposes only, and should not be used for storing your jewellery.

Avoid placing unworn jewellery in direct contact with other items, as this can increase risk of tarnishing, especially when stored with costume jewellery. 



Our gold plated items are sterling silver plated in 18k gold or rose gold in the historic Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham, England. Gold plated items will fade over time, but caring for your pieces in the following way will help their longevity:

  • Always remove rings when washing hands or applying hand cream.
  • Never wear gold plated jewellery whilst swimming or bathing.
  • Keep your jewellery away from chlorine, hairspray, perfume, sun cream or  other chemicals as this can significantly damage the plating.