Silver Threader Earrings

The Low Down on Threader Earrings

Threader earrings have been around for years, but have become more popular with the rise of the minimalist trend within jewellery over the last decade or so.

So what's the deal?

For such a simple earring style, there's a lot of variations out there. From simple chain threader earrings, with a length of chain with fine bars at either end to allow easy threading, to more elaborate styles with a charm or adornment, the main aspect of a threader earring is it can be threaded through a piercing.

Above - Spiral Sterling Silver Threader Earrings

What are they made of?

Like all jewellery items, threader earrings can be made from sterling silver, gold, stainless steel, and a variety of metal alloys. 

However we'd always recommend choosing sterling silver or gold threader earrings, not only are they more likely to be made well, but since the chain threads through a piercing and is in contact with your skin when worn, there's far less likelihood of any skin irritation.

Who wears them?

Threaders aren't just for trendy teenagers, as the number of individuals with multiple piercings increases, threaders are a great style to experiment with, either by threading through more than one piercing, or wearing with other earrings such as studs and pins.


Above - Black Oxidised Silver Long Drop Threader Earrings

What about colours?

Sterling silver can be plated with gold or rose gold to give different finishes, and silver can be oxidised giving a gunmetal colourway, perfect for those who love dramatic black earrings.

New for 2022 we've launched a range of two-tone threader earrings, so if you love mixed metal and contrasting colours, these could be for you.


 Above - Threader Chain Earrings in Gold and Black

 How long should threader earrings be?

Length is a personal issue, and depends on how you like your earrings, long or short, and how you plan to arrange your threaders, whether through a single or multiple piercings. We offer classic threaders in two lengths, 9 cm and 14 cm, and our customers appear to buy both length in equal proportions.

Can you wear just one?

Given the trendy nature of threader earrings, many people wear just a single threader, and we allow customers to buy both single earrings and pairs.

I like the idea of threaders, but don't like too much chain

No problem, threaders come in a lot of different formats, and this style features a longer bar at each end, attached by a shorter chain, giving a more refined look.

Above - Silver and Gold Drop Earrings

 Alternatively there's a T-Bar version of the threader, which is shorter and has a bar fitting which gives a different effect again.

Above - Rose Gold Sterling Silver Bar Threader Earrings

Overall threader earrings are great earring style, affordable and versatile, and if you're after a new look for your ears, searching for a gift for a trendy teenager, or just love the idea of joining the minimalist revolution, check out threader earrings today.