Otis Jaxon seeks, wherever possible, to conduct business in the UK and overseas in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner. Whilst our efforts might seem small we feel that it is crucially important that individuals and companies ‘do their bit’. If all companies behaved like this the overall impact would be huge. Otis Jaxon encourages all staff members and suppliers to adhere to the ensuing guidelines:



Otis Jaxon recognises that its activities have an impact on the environment and society. This is something that concerns us and we are aware that is concerns you as a consumer of jewellery as well. Our jewellery is currently manufactured by using 30% recycled silver. We aim to get this percentage higher in the coming months and years.



We recycle used paper for scrap - when no longer required it is shredded and used as packaging or recycled. We reuse all clean and tidy boxes and send the remainder for recycling. We use a commercial waste disposal company with a strong recycling policy. When purchasing cleaning products – we ensure only eco-friendly brands are bought and used. We send our printer cartridges and obsolete electronics for recycling.



We have our own workshops here and overseas where we insist on acceptable working conditions of adequate heat, lighting, ventilation, regular meal breaks and safe working practices. We pay above the local average wage. Where we work with other craftspeople and artisans we insist on visiting and inspecting their place of work and meeting with their staff. We keep our overseas travel to an absolute minimum. These days we can just as easily design and produce an entire range of jewellery using drawings and scans as we can by sitting in the workshop with the artisan.



We support Plan International. Sponsor a child with Plan and you will make a lasting difference to the lives of the world’s poorest children. You’ll help equip them and their communities with the tools and knowledge to implement and achieve long-term, generational change:

Trade Associations and Professional Bodies

Otis Jaxon is a member of a number of organisations that uphold certain ethical and moral business values and who protect both our rights as a small, independent and creative company as well as ensuring that you as the consumer receive the highest standards from us.



Originally formed in 1887, the BJA recently joined company with The National Association of Goldsmiths to create the NAJ. Below are their main aims:

Vision “Our vision is for The National Association of Jewellers to be the UK’s leading jewellery association in supporting and promoting a professional, vibrant, and growing Jewellery Industry”.

Mission “As the UK’s leading Jewellery Association, our mission is to increase confidence in the UK consumer’s purchase of jewellery; through the integrity, professionalism, governance, representation, education, training and creativity of our members”.



ACID (Anti Copying in Design) was created in 1996 by designers for designers and manufacturers who uphold the value of original design. ACID is committed to raising awareness and encouraging respect for IP within individual and corporate responsibility and creating a safer trading environment for its members. By encouraging design talent and nurturing and developing fairer trade in design, we help our members protect their livelihoods to maximise growth and minimise IP infringement.

We are aware that there are a number of retailers and wholesalers who produce designs that are remarkably similar to our own. Sometimes these products will be cheaper and invariably they will be of a significantly inferior quality. They will often be mass produced and not handmade and most importantly they are not original designs from a British company. Whilst we cannot stop all these copyists we do store a database of all our products with ACID, and where we can establish that we are being blatantly copied, their legal team can advise us on the appropriate action.

Prevention and deterrence against IP infringement are key priorities of ACID underpinned by support, both at grassroots and through expert intellectual property legal advisors, IP legal and membership hotlines. The ACID brand has become a powerful campaigning voice within the design community, championing that design = value!



The British Independent Retailers Association (BIRA) is the voice of independent retailers. They are the leading trade association for independent retailers in the UK. Its aim is to provide first class support, business services and specialist representation to its members. BIRA represent approximately 7,000 members across the UK from single retail outlets to small chains, dealers, suppliers, manufacturers and distributors.

They are strongly committed to championing the independents. In a highly competitive market, they help independent retailers stay one step ahead.