Raw Sapphire September Birthstone Sterling Silver Beaded Necklace

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Chic, stylish and full of bohemian charm, these unique Raw Sapphire September Birthstone Beaded Necklaces have a high end free spirited look.

A graduated string of genuine hand-faceted precious blue sapphires are surrounded by shining silver or gold nuggets to accentuate their natural sparkle and add to their organic charm. Blue Sapphire is the birthstone of September, and is often given to celebrate 45th Wedding Anniversaries!

By its nature, Sapphires have natural inclusions which make every stone different – these are entirely natural and not faults, and we think this is what makes every piece so special!

Available in sterling silver and 18k gold/rose plated sliver.

Please be aware that each of our items is made by human beings and not by machines. They also feature natural precious and semi-precious stones. No two items are identical and this is what them makes them so special! It is our intention to use stones that are slightly imperfect in places so as to give the impression of vintage jewellery. The imperfections are entirely natural and are not faults.

Made from :

Sterling Silver and Raw Sapphire Stones


Necklace length 17 1/2 inches