Oval Link Chunky Silver Necklace

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Detailed Description:

With its chunky oval links and iconic t-bar fastening, this stunning sterling silver show-stopping Oval Link Chunky Silver Necklace is sophisticated, dramatic, utterly timeless and exquisitely constructed.

Assembled by hand, each sterling silver component is conjoined with precision and care to create a truly stunning and tactile statement silver necklace. Meticulously designed for a bold yet elegant look, this will become a treasured heirloom in your collection.

If you would like this Oval Link Chunky Silver Necklace in a gold or rose gold finish, please call us and we will offer this bespoke service.

In this range -  Small Oval Link Chunky Silver Necklace and Bracelet.

Made from:

Sterling silver.


Necklace weight: approx. 57.5g

Bracelet length: approx. 22.5cm 

Bracelet weight: approx. 42.6g